God to some
The Devil to others
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I am not a human, that much I know.

But sometimes I wish I was.

It gets awful lonely. wont you come away with me?

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Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.

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Memories are worse than bullets. —Carlos Ruiz Zafón (via mourningmelody)
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Halloween is coming up soon. Send me an ask with what you think my muse should dress up as.

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Send in sexy pictures of your Muse to my submit box, and see how my muse reacts..



Send me anons as my kid.





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Send me “♥♥” and I’ll generate a number to see what you get.


  1. A dirty secret
  2. Raising a baby together for three days
  3. A one night stand
  4. A goodbye letter
  5. A love letter
  6. A confession
  7. Slave for a day
  8. A slap in the face
  9. A romantic kiss
  10. A hug
  11. A rejection
  12. My muse naked
  13. A friendly kiss on the cheek
  14. Married for a week
  15. All your money stolen
  16. An insult
  17. A steamy kiss
  18. Some sad news
  19. A date
  20. A night together
  21. Any of the above
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So This Is Love
Ilene Woods and Mike Douglas · Cinderella Soundtrack
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Today we have the Cinderella song “So This is Love”  sung by Ilene Woods and Mike Douglas. Enjoy!

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Sent me “Finders! Keepers!” To claim my character and have them tied up

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Smut Sentence Starters

  • "Beg for it."
  • "I want to fuck you right now."
  • "I’m going to make it hurt."
  • "I’ll make sure you can’t walk tomorrow."
  • "Touch yourself for me."
  • "I’m your Master and you’ll do what I say."
  • "It’s not going to fit!"
  • "I’m the only one that would ever fuck you."
  • "Spread your legs for me."
  • [text] What are you wearing?
  • "Get on your knees."
  • "Did we fuck last night?"
  • "I didn’t know you were so kinky."
  • "I think you need to be spanked."
  • "You look good tied up."
  • "Put on a show for me."
  • "You know you like when I tease you."
  • "You’ve been a bad boy/girl."
  • "We should try adding a third person."
  • "Bend over."
  • "You belong to me."
  • "Harder."
  • "Punish me."

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Sometimes there are no words